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Chimney cap is the chimney guardian.

Animals love getting inside chimneys because they see it as a safe & protected spot, but many times they end up stuck inside the chimney without being able to get out. A proper chimney cap will keep animals out of the chimney.

Our next concern with broken, rusted or defected chimney cap is water damage.
The cap protects your chimney from water, a missing cap or defect one will let water get into your chimney and out of your fireplace and worse – soaked between the bricks and with time cracks will begin to appear.

Chimney is a weak spot in your home, it’s a hole in the roof – make sure it’s covered properly:)

Chimney Cap Installation Cypress TX

Chimney Cap Installation

It is important to properly install your new chimney cap to avoid future problems.
While it is not the most complicated repair, chimney cap installation might have it’s difficulties when one is not experienced with that type of work.
When installing a new chimney cap, make sure it’s well attached to the chimney crown/ chimney chase, so it won’t be affected by strong winds and storms.
Next thing will be to assure there’s no gaps that animals might go through, you’d be amazed by the size of the gap birds and squeals can fit themselves into.

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crown is the top part of the chimney. To better describe it – if you would look at your home from a above you would see the chimney cap and crown.

With time, the crown might loose it’s sealing. Water are constantly fighting the crown, if it’s not properly sealed the water might soak in and crack the crown. In time water that go down through the cracks might cause water damages in the interior of the house.

A cracked chimney crown can also cause watering in your fireplace. The water leaking from above may disrupt the fireplace’s functionality. That’s why it’s often hard to lit the fire up, and don’t forget about the smell.

Crack in the crown should be filled up and the crown itself should be sealed using a 15 years waterproofing crown coating. In case you wish of fixing your chimney crown in a way you won’t have to ever worry about it, not even in 15 years, the best solution would be custom made chimney chase (click for more info).

Chimney Flue Repair Houston

Chimney flue liner is an extra safety measure, it is definitely not a “must” but a “nice to have”.
Chimney liner will lower the chances of fire by isolating the fire from the rest of the house. The good old masonry chimney do that as well of course but the flue liner provides anther level of security to prevent fires.
Eventually it all comes down to how much you use your chimney. From our experience homeowners in Houston don’t use their fireplace that often due to obvious weather reasons, which lead us to not recommend such an expensive repair in most cases.


Chimney cap replacement cost may vary depending on the type and size of your chimney as well as on the material the new cap is made of and the number of stories in your house.
Cost range is from 650 to 1500 dollars.

Aspects that may affect the price:
– Is your chimney requires a custom build cap or a pre fabricated one can fit just fine?
– Do you want any special design or just the functionality?
– The higher the chimney, the higher the price; higher chammies meaning more risk to the technician installing the cap, therefor higher insurance costs.

Chimney cap can definitely be repaired in some cases, it depends on what’s wrong and how bad it is.
In case of a small crack or a broken bracket, some welding might get the job done.
If the cap is slightly rusted, direct-on-rust weather resistant metal paint can help the cap keep going for a few more years.
However, it comes down to the question of how bad the cap really is, in some cases the repair will only get you going a few more months till a repair will be needed again, an experienced technician will be able to tell you the right way to go, repair or replacement.

Chimney cap doesn’t have to be replaced regularly every certain period of time.
A replacement is only needed when the cap is rusted/ broken or damaged in any other way.
How long will the cap last till that happen? well, it depends on both the material and the quality of work installing the cap (stainless steel is better than galvanized).
As a rule of thumb, average life time of a chimney cap is 5-30 years.

If your chimney cap has fallen off it means one of two things; it was either installed poorly or badly rusted/broken.
Best thing to do is call a reliable professional to reinstall the existing one or install a new one if the old one is damaged.
This repair is not something you should wait with as a chimney with no cap can suffer from rain water going into the chimney and causing leaks in your home and animals building their nest inside the chimney flue.

Chimney crown repair is all about filling the cracks and sealing the crown with the best material out there, a professional reputable chimney brushable sealing solution often offers up to 25 years of warranty.
This material is extremely expensive, a 5 gal bucket cost anywhere between 500-800$, but we believe in paying more for quality repairs that last the longest.

YES! that pretty much summarize it – you definitely need a chimney cap.
And here’s why – a chimney without a cap is basically an open hole in your roof, rain water will go through the chimney into the house and will cause water damage. Birds, squirrels, opossum and other animals love to get into the chimney, they see it as a safe place. Birds often will build their nest in the chimney, while opossums might get stuck inside and unfortunately die in the chimney.
Besides the fact that you definitely SHOULD NOT use your fireplace if there’s an animal inside your chimney, these animals often carry diseases that might pass over to the home residents.

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Fireplace Safety 101

You can see chimney crown’s as the guardian. It is that one thing that could protect it against the pouring rains or the heating sun.

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With the cold weather just getting its start, and the holiday season giving its jingle bells, we have started looking at our fireplaces. There is nothing better on any cold night than having a warm crackling fire in your fireplace. But before you just put the match on your logs, you have to make sure that your chimney is in perfect shape.

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