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Chimney Repair - We Provide Industry-Leading Inspection, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement Services In HOUSTON TX

We provide industry-leading Chimney Repair services for residential and commercial properties alike. Whether it’s the chimney cap, crown, chase or damper – we’ve got you covered! We service the greater Houston area, including cities like Katy TX, Pearland TX, Sugarland TX, Baytown TX, League city TX, The Woodlands TX, Spring TX, Tomball TX, Huntsville TX, Pasadena TX, Brenham TX, Hempstead TX, Kingswood TX and more.. We handle each job with expert care for precision and accuracy. At All Service Master we set ourselves the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. We accomplish that goal by using highly experienced technicians and the most advanced equipment available in the market. We are constantly improving and growing, we’d love to see you become part of the our customers community. Our mission is to serve as a one stop shop for all your chimney and fireplace needs.

Our professional technicians can tackle any issue your chimney might have and repair it. While some repairs require special material, such as a custom built chimney chase; other repair, such as chimney crown and cracks sealing and repair, are simpler and can be done in the same day as the inspection!

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Our Services

Chimney Repair Houston

- Fireplace Repair and Restoration
- Chimney Leak Resolution and Brick Repair, Including Waterproofing and Pressure Washing Services
- Chimney Cap Repair and Replacemant
- Chimney Chase Repair and Replacemant
- Chimney Crown Repair and Sealing
- Fireplace Damper Repair
- Leak Repair and Metal Flashing

Chimney Inspection

- Chimney and Fireplace Troubleshooting
- Chimney Cap Inspection
- Chimney Crown Inspection
- Chimney Chase Inspection
- Chimney Leak Inspection
- Fireplace Inspection
- Damper Inspection

Chimney Cleaning

- Chimney Sweeping
- Chimney Deep Cleaning
- Chimney Disinfaction
- Fireplace Cleaning
- Chimney Animal and Nest Removal

Reliable Professional Chimney Services

Our priority is customer satisfaction. At All Service Master we understand the importance of making the customer happy. Happy clients will bring us more clients, that’s why we won’t think twice before going the extra mile towards the client. Our business model is spend less money on marketing, provide good prices, get referrals from happy clients and do it all over again. We are certain that you will be satisfied with the service we’ll provide you!

Roheem JohnsonRoheem Johnson
19:39 22 Oct 22
As a homeowner, I am always looking for ways to save money and be more environmentally responsible. Chimney Sweep Houston is the perfect solution! They are professional and thorough and their process is eco-friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
Trend GhosneTrend Ghosne
22:59 21 Aug 22
Once a month, I used to get a headache. I was using the fireplace every day, so I called Chimney Sweep Houston. They did an amazing job!..
Pam JacksonPam Jackson
01:27 23 Mar 22
The technician was prompt, polite and efficient. He did a great job and left my house very clean. I would recommend.
Tom WalkerTom Walker
16:31 02 Mar 22
We just bought the house and we wanted to make sure everything is good. So we cleaned the chimney, the air duct and the dryer vent. We used a the bundle they offer on the website for air duct cleaning and chimney cleaning for 250 and then paid some extra for the dryer vent.
Audie DeweyAudie Dewey
11:30 25 Feb 22
Good service, the job looks great, I got both chimney and air duct cleaning. I’ve seen before and after pictures and there is a big difference. Will gladly call them again next year
Joseph McBrideJoseph McBride
14:16 23 Feb 22
I’m very happy with the job they’ve done. I got quotes from another 2 companies, while they all had pretty much the same prices, Chimney sweep Houston definitely felt the most professional. I chose to go with them to repair my cap and replace the chimney chase, and I’m glad I did!
Coral PerezCoral Perez
17:21 14 Jan 22
Unfortunately, because of a whole lot of different reasons (ALL ME) I was not able to use this business but when I say that they were patient with me, I mean.... THEY WERE PATIENT AND KIND. I scheduled, canceled then scheduled and then canceled again. Then scheduled again, and the day of, I had to cancel again. Rebeca and her crew were already on the way to my house when I had to cancel on them and they were incredibly kind. I did not use their business, not because of them but because of ME. Chimney Sweep Houston has fantastic customer service and hopefully, in the future, when my situation is a little more under control, I will call them again, no doubt about it. And I will be right back here, ready to write what I'm sure is going to be a great work review. Thank you Chimney Sweep Houston for your kindness. GBY
Shalom AfraimianShalom Afraimian
19:29 05 Jan 22
I needed both chimney cleaning and chimney inspection for a property I'm selling, the buyer requested it.These guys came quick, cleaned the chimney and gave me an inspection report stating it's safe to use and all parts are functioning. The buyer's inspector says there was an issue with the fireplace damper, they made it work with no extra charge.Will gladly call them again in the next property
Danny ThomasDanny Thomas
23:24 31 Dec 21
Quick to schedule. A little pricey. Very pleasant, and seemed thorough. Will have them back for future service. They cleaned fireplace and swept flue and confirmed fire/gas function. Checked from roof to floor including attic, and showed me the video.
Dr. Sarah BrownDr. Sarah Brown
02:49 14 Dec 21
Amazing job! They came to clean my chimney. They spent time to make sure they got everything (had never been cleaned before…I was a new homeowner and the prior owners never cleaned the chimney in the 30 years they lived there)! Super professional and very professional. They made sure they cleaned up and left my house the way they found it. They taped off everything around the chimney so none of my stuff got soot anywhere. I will definitely hire again when I need another cleaning and would recommend to everyone!
Kaedence SmithKaedence Smith
20:18 05 Dec 21
Raphael and his assistant were very professional and explainatory of the entire process. They covered everything and did a great job! It took just close to an hour for the cleaning. I’m thankful for the completion and will definitely use “All Service Master” for future cleanings!Thank you Raphael and your assistant. ?
עמרי ינוןעמרי ינון
06:01 28 Nov 21
The service was great, the technician arrived on time with warm and patient attitude. Unlike others, I was shown pictures, the prices were accurate and also fair and every question I had on any subject was answered in detail. To sum things up, I am very satisfied with the service given to me. 🙂

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Experienced Technicians

Our in-house training program insures all of our technicians are well prepared for any job, in addition to any formal training the technician already had.  Our pros are equipped with the best tools, experience, and support to ensure every air duct cleaning appointment goes smoothly. Same-day service is available!

100%-Satisfaction Guarantee

We are here to provide you with affordable, quality service that saves you money and help you avoid Recurring issues. Once you schedule an appointment, our experienced professionals will meet with you to analyze your home or business property, and identify your specific needs. In case you are not satisfied with the service – you’ll get your money back!

First-Class Customer Service

Our dedicated staff will provide you with a solution to any problem in your chimney system. If a problem arises for any reason
we will send you a technician right away! customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

Chimney Repair Houston Services In Your Area

Are you looking for the best company in Houston that would help you clean up the chimney to get it prepared for the coming winter? All Service Master provides industry-leading inspection, repair, cleaning, and replacement services for air ducts, chimney, dryer vent, and roof gutters for residential and commercial properties alike. Winters can be highly disturbing if you don’t get yourself prepared for the cold weather. 

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Have The Best Chimney Repair in Town

If you notice the chimney’s condition is far from good, it’s time to hire the best chimney repair service in town. Regular maintenance and care are not enough to preserve the chimney’s condition, especially when it already reached a critical point. The healthier the chimney is, the better operation of your fireplace.

At All Service Master, we’ll engage in full repairing protocols that will make your chimney works better than intended. One of our ultimate goals is to preserve and maintain efficiency of your place to prevent any fire accidents that could potentially harm your family members.

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crown is the top part of the chimney. To better describe it – if you would look at your home from a above you would see the chimney cap and crown.

With time, the crown might loose it’s sealing. Water are constantly fighting the crown, if it’s not properly sealed the water might soak in and crack the crown. In time water that go down through the cracks might cause water damages in the interior of the house.

A cracked chimney crown can also cause watering in your fireplace. The water leaking from above may disrupt the fireplace’s functionality. That’s why it’s often hard to lit the fire up, and don’t forget about the smell.

Crack in the crown should be filled up and the crown itself should be sealed using a 15 years waterproofing crown coating. In case you wish of fixing your chimney crown in a way you won’t have to ever worry about it, not even in 15 years, the best solution would be custom made chimney chase (click for more info).


Chimney Damper Repair

Are you familiar with chimney damper?
Damper is the part that close up your fireplace so your living room won’t be open the the outside. it keeps your house insolated and protect it from animals that might have gone inside in case of a damaged chimney cap.

The Damper should be closed at all times the fire is not on. in some rare cases it’s installed with a special mechanism in the cap, but most cases yours is just above the fireplace.

It was installed initially when the chimney was first instructed. After years of heat exposure, along with other mountainous substances, the dampers may become stuck and overall inefficient to use. The throat damper located above the firebox inside the chimney flue is one of the most important parts of a functional, safe to use chimney.

If you suspect your damper might be damaged it’s probably something worth looking into.


Chimney Chase Custom Built

Chase is a metal part that sits on top of your chimney crown and provides perfect protection against water and weather damages. It’s important that the chase will fit the crown perfectly, gaps may lead to water finding their way to the crown in tropical storms.

In order to protect your chimney crown from water damage you have two options; chimney crown sealing which is good for 15 years (click for more info), and custom chase that would last you for a life time. The second option is obviously preferable but cost more as well, so it’s up to you to make the decision.

A chimney chase that fits your chimney crown exact measurements could be hard to find. That’s why custom built chase is often seem to be the right way to go.

At All Service Master, we’ll create custom-built chase covers that neatly fit each of our customers and get them professionally installed. To order a custom-built chase for your chimney, please feel free to call us anytime you want.

Chimney Leak Repair and Metal Flashing

Chimney flashing is what you call the transition where the chimney connects to the roofline. Flashings include several parts, such as skylights, vents, and pipers. All these components are in danger of water damage. Due to constant heat and rain, the condition may eventually be worsened, causing leaking problems along the way.

The leaks can usually be found around the skylights parts, as well as the windows or holes for vent pipes. The thing with flashing repairs is that they are not permanent. Once there’s a leak around the chimney, it should be fixed soon to prevent extensive damage. That’s why chimney flashing is needed at least once a year to maintain the chimney’s structural integrity.


It varies tremendously according to the type of service required.

Generally professionals charge rather high amount for chimney related services in a residential property, among other reasons, due to the high risk involved with working in heights without safety measures that are usually available when working in the heights in a commercial building. Naturally, along with the high risk comes the expensive insurance.

A damaged chimney should be repaired as quick as possible. Just like in a vehicle, a minor damage can cause a major one with time if not taken care of.

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