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Why All Service Master is Katy’s First Choice

Welcome to All Service Master, Katy Houston’s leading chimney sweep service, where your home’s safety and comfort are our top priority. Nestled in the heart of Katy, we bring unparalleled expertise, dedication, and local knowledge to every job, ensuring your chimney is clean, efficient, and safe.

Prevent Chimney Fires

Regular chimney sweeping removes creosote buildup, a major cause of chimney fires. All Service Master ensures your chimney is clean and safe, significantly reducing the risk of fire in your Katy home.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Blocked or dirty chimneys can hinder the escape of harmful gases, including carbon monoxide. With regular sweeps from All Service Master, we keep your chimney clear, protecting your family from potential poisoning.

Enhance Efficiency

A clean chimney ensures better airflow and combustion, which improves the efficiency of your heating system. Our team at All Service Master optimizes your chimney’s performance, saving you money on energy costs.

Extend Chimney Life

Regular maintenance prevents the deterioration of your chimney’s structure and lining. All Service Master helps extend the lifespan of your chimney, preventing costly repairs and replacements down the line.


Chimney Sweep Katy Services Near You

Chimney Sweeping

Essential for removing soot and creosote, ensuring your chimney is safe and efficient.

Chimney Inspection

Comprehensive evaluations to detect any issues early, maintaining your chimney’s integrity and safety.

Chimney Repair

From fixing leaks to masonry work, we restore your chimney’s structure and functionality.

Chimney Cap Installation

Protects your chimney from debris and animals, while preventing water damage.


Expert Chimney Service In Katy


With over 20+ years of combined experience, you can be confident in choosing All Service Master as your go to chimney experts.


All Service Master LLC has passed all necessary permissions, tests, certificates to legally service homes in Katy TX. We are also fully insured and bonded, so if something goes wrong (nothing will don't worry) you will be fully insured and protected.


Same Day Service Available. We are open throughout the whole year. A lot of Chimney sweep & repair companies are typically only open during peak season time and close the rest of the year. All Service Master - Chimney Sweeps Houston is open the whole year.


Honest & upfront pricing is part of our companies code of honor. Our prices are right here in our website! No hidden fees and no lies or upsells. We will recommend you to have any additional services if you like but we won't sell you on services you won't need. Check out our coupons and prices below.

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Why All Service Master is Katy’s First Choice

Choosing All Service Master for your chimney sweep needs in Katy means partnering with a team that’s deeply familiar with the unique challenges and needs of Houston-area homes. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our local expertise, makes us the go-to experts for all your chimney maintenance needs.

Our Katy Expert Chimney Technicians Are on Stand-By

All Service Master is ready to serve your home in Katy TX today! Give us a call and we will make sure to give your chimney the make over of a life time.


Affordable Chimney Sweep In Katy, Texas

All Service Master stands as an affordable chimney sweep choice for residents of Katy, Texas.

We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and efficient chimney without breaking the bank. By leveraging local expertise and streamlining our services, we’re able to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Our commitment to providing value-driven services ensures that homeowners in Katy can access top-notch chimney care that fits their budget.

With All Service Master, you can expect transparent pricing, no hidden fees, and solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, making us the go-to choice for affordable and reliable chimney services in the area.


Need A Chimney Repair?

All Service Master is the premier choice for chimney repair in Katy, Texas, for several compelling reasons.

Our unmatched expertise in the chimney service industry sets us apart, ensuring that every repair is carried out with the highest level of precision and care.

We pride ourselves on using only the best materials and the latest techniques to ensure your chimney is not only repaired but also enhanced for better performance and longevity. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, making us a trusted partner for homeowners throughout Katy.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we go above and beyond to ensure that every repair is completed to the highest standards. Choosing All Service Master means investing in peace of mind, knowing that your chimney is in the hands of the best in the business.


Professional Katy Chimney Service

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You Got Questions, We Got Answers

To ensure safety and optimal performance, it’s recommended to have your chimney swept at least once a year, especially before the cooler months when usage increases.

Scheduling your chimney sweep in late summer or early fall is ideal, preparing your fireplace for the heating season. However, we’re available year-round to accommodate your needs.

Yes, part of our chimney sweep service includes installing or inspecting chimney caps to keep birds, squirrels, and other wildlife out of your chimney.

If you notice poor fireplace performance, an unusual odor when the fireplace isn’t in use, or visible soot and creosote buildup, it’s time to call us for a sweep.

A typical chimney sweep and inspection can take between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the condition and size of your chimney.

Not with All Service Master. We use specialized equipment to ensure that your home remains clean and dust-free throughout the sweeping process.

Regular chimney sweeping removes blockages and buildup, enhancing airflow and reducing the risk of carbon monoxide entering your home.

Our local expertise, comprehensive service, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us Katy’s trusted choice for all chimney care needs. Plus, we’re dedicated to keeping Katy homes safe and chimneys efficient.