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Chimney Sweep Houston provides industry-leading inspection, Cleaning, Repair & replacement services for Chimney, Air ducts, Dryer vent & Roof gutters, residential and commercial properties alike.
We handle each job with expert care for precision and accuracy. At Chimney Sweep Houston we set ourselves the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. We accomplish that goal by using highly experienced technicians and the most advanced equipment available in the market. We are constantly improving and growing, we’d love to see you become part of the our customers community!


The average cost to sweep a chimney ranges between 149$ for basic cleaning to 800$ for deep cleaning.

Yes, chimney sweeping is actually important for keeping your house safe. Creosote that covers the inside of an unmaintained chimney is a fire hazard. So getting your chimney swept is not a luxury, it’s a must, just like changing the tires in your vehicle before these burst open in the highway.

A chimney should be swept and inspected once a year, preferably before winter.

Chimney sweeping is not legally required; however an unmaintained chimney is an issue that will rise up in a home inspection.

Chimney cleaning / sweeping can take from 30 minutes to a pretty clean chimney to 3 hours for extremely bad creosote situation, where the chimney was not swept for a few years.

Yes, chimney sweeps might go on the roof to inspect/ access the chimney for deep cleaning. A dedicated technician will get on the roof to make sure the cap, crown / chase are in good order and no maintenance work is needed.

As a general rule of thumb, your chimney needs to be cleaned once a year. If your chimney wasn’t cleaned for over a year, it probably needs cleaning.

Short answer – NO.
There are many stories out there about fires that happened in the chimney due to creosote residue just a few days a using the chimney sweep logs. It doesn’t hurt but you sure shouldn’t count on that to clean your chimney.

Yes, this is actually the main reason for chimney sweeping.

A basic cleaning or basic chimney maintenance includes cleaning the fireplace, the damper and up to 4 fit in the chimney. When cleaned once a year the basic cleaning should be enough because the creosote residue tends to build up closer the source of the fire rather to farther up the chimney.

Deep chimney cleaning includes cleaning the fireplace, the damper, the chimney floe all the way up to the cap. In very long chimneys going on the roof might be required as well. Some companies includes chimney sanitizing as part of the deep cleaning service, some consider it a separate service.

Our Services

Chimney Cleaning

- Chimney Sweeping
- Chimney Deep Cleaning
- Chimney Disinfaction
- Fireplace Cleaning
- Chimney Animal and Nest Removal

Chimney Inspection

- Chimney and Fireplace Troubleshooting
- Chimney Cap Inspection
- Chimney Crown Inspection
- Chimney Chase Inspection
- Chimney Leak Inspection
- Fireplace Inspection
- Damper Inspection

Chimney Repair and Restoration

- Fireplace Repair and Restoration
- Chimney Leak Resolution and Brick Repair, Including Waterproofing and Pressure Washing Services
- Chimney Cap Repair and Replacement
- Chimney Chase Repair and Replacement
- Chimney Crown Repair and Sealing
- Fireplace Damper Repair
- Leak Repair and Metal Flashing

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Our priority is customer satisfaction. At All Service Master we understand the importance of making the customer happy. Happy clients will bring us more clients, that’s why we won’t think twice before going the extra mile towards the client. Our business model is spend less money on marketing, provide good prices, get referrals from happy clients and do it all over again. We are certain that you will be satisfied with the service we’ll provide you!


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Our professional technicians offer the best Service in town, using the right technique and the appropriate equipment following CSIA & NADCA ethics & guidelines in every single job.  Your home deserves no compromises. For Chimney Sweeping, Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning – Go with the pros. 

Why should I clean my chimney?

Nothing brings in the holiday season like sitting around a roaring fireplace. If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to clean your chimney – before Santa Claus comes sliding down and tramples soot all around your home.

Regularly cleaning your chimney is an important part of keeping your home safe for the winter months, and that’s because, as you use your fireplace to burn wood for warmth or just for seasonal atmosphere, a highly flammable, tar-like substance called creosote begins to build up on the inside of your chimney walls.

Over time this buildup can ignite and burn at over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be extremely difficult to extinguish and quickly spread to other areas of your home. In fact, on average there are over 25,000 of these chimney fires every year that lead to over $125 million in property damage.

All Service Master Chimney Cleaning And Repairing Experts

All Service Master provides industry-leading chimney, dryer vent, air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration services for residential and commercial properties alike. We handle each job with expert care for precision and accuracy to improve your home’s safety and air quality.

How Houston weather affects Chimneys?

Water causes more damage to the chimneys on our homes then fire. The masonry work and other materials that your home is made of are protected by the roof and eave. Your chimney is not. Your chimney stands stoically above the roofline of your house, weathering constant exposure to the environment. Better safe than sorry – book a Chimney Inspection today. 

Why Is Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance Important?

  • Cracked chimney can cause leaks, leaks can lead to a severe water damage. 
  • A Dirty Chimney Means Danger
  • Loss of Heat, Fuel & Money
  • Blocked Chimney = Carbon Monoxide!
  • Above All: Your Family’s Safety

We provide the best Houston Chimney cleaning & maintenance services, affordably and to the highest standards, while following CSIA ethics & guide lines.

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Avoid fires

On average there are over 25,000 cases of chimney fires every year that lead to over $125 million in property damage.

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Damaged chimney might - whether it's a small leak you don't even know about or a clogged chimney liner - in time, cause a major problem that will be very costly to fix. If only there was someone you could call to clean and maintain your Chimney once a year for less than a 100$.....

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Our dedicated staff will provide you with a solution to any problem in your HVAC system/Chimney/ Dryer vent/ Gutters. If a problem arises for any reason after the job is complete we will send you a technician at no cost! customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal!