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He first removes the supply vent covers, inserts a 50′ flexible hose with a special brush head. He then proceeds to open, brush and vacuum each vent all the way to the main unit. Then he vacuums all the dust and debris from the vents, making sure none of the dust returns inside the house. The dirt is sucked up into the water-filled vacuum.

Duct cleaning is different from air purifiers because air purifiers are only for the direct room you have it in use and is limited as to the area it covers. Duct cleaning is the cleaning of all the ducts in your home and also the main unit from where the air is circulated – it is not limited the way your air purifier is. It reaches every room in which you have ducts, plus we guarantee this will last for approximately two (2) years providing it is constantly maintained with changes to the filters.

You may call our customer service number 210-992-6624  and speak with a representative who will assist you.
Call our toll free number 210-992-6624 and a representative will assist you with any questions you may have about the services you require.