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Though it looks complex and difficult, dryer vent cleaning is actually pretty straightforward. No matter what technique is used, the main idea is to take out all the remaining stuff inside the vest by applying strong pressure. The goal here is to make vents clean for them to be function properly.

You can always depend on us without worried about anything damaged or broken. We will work efficiently to make your vents cleaner and leaving nothing behind but happiness and satisfaction. If you ever encounter vents problems, feel free to contact us at All Service Master.

Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning

In big metro areas like Houston, Texas, it could be tricky to find the best dryer vents cleaning service provider in a sea of companies, each one promising the world. Residential dryer vent cleaning is mandatory to keep your home safe from any possible damage and accident. Surely no one wants their house burned down to dryer vent fire incident. In order to avoid this horror scenario, a regular residential vent cleaning is required to keep your family safe and sound.

The dryer type doesn’t matter. As long as it’s clean, you may expect the dryer vent to work properly and as expected. Most families in these areas often do their laundry weekly. Of course, this task will put a burden on the dryer vents.

The lint will be accumulated over time, and it needs to be cleaned immediately to avoid further damage. If it’s not properly taken care of, further damage such as air blockage and raising heat can be expected. To help you with this issue, feel free to contact us at All Service Master; we’re ready 24/7 to help you out.

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

According to the data provided by National Fire Protection Agency, more than 16,800 fires happened involving clothes dryers. This data was obtained in 2010 alone. The accidents caused more than a hundred million dollars loss, leaving dozens of people dead and hundreds of others injured. It can be prevented with regular maintenance. Inspection should be done to check the functionality and condition of the dryer vents. Once something’s wrong, our team will notice it and provide you with recommendations and helpful services. Generally speaking it’s recommended to clean the dryer vents once a year.

The job will be done professionally with specialized tools to remove all the lint and debris that may cause harm to your dryer vents. A regular inspection is another task we can do—the dryer vents are required to be checked monthly, or at least annually.

Commercial Dryer Vent Repair

Contact us immediately to solve the existing problems when you notice something went wrong with your fryer, like fire, mold growth, or fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. These issues need to be treated professionally with skills and precaution to ensure that the problems won’t spread like wildfire.

At All Service Master, you can always depend on our highly experienced team to make your problems gone with no hassle. The team will replace the materials, installing boosters, and engage in deep-repair protocols to damaged dryer vents in order to keep the property up and running.

Most repairs can be done without taking residents our of their homes. We understand the importance of giving the landlord the peace of mind knowing we will execute any repair as clean and as less disturbing to the tenant possible.

Keeping your environment safe is our main goal. We’ll make sure the airflow stays better with improved performance at an affordable cost.

Benefits Of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Though it looks complex and difficult, dryer vent cleaning is actually pretty straightforward. No matter what technique is used, the main idea is to take out all the remaining stuff inside the vest by applying strong pressure. The goal here is to make vents clean for them to be function properly.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Reviews

A chimney inspection is more than a regular sweeping. It’s important to determine whether your chimney is okay or not

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Real Google Reviews

Roheem JohnsonRoheem Johnson
19:39 22 Oct 22
As a homeowner, I am always looking for ways to save money and be more environmentally responsible. Chimney Sweep Houston is the perfect solution! They are professional and thorough and their process is eco-friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
Trend GhosneTrend Ghosne
22:59 21 Aug 22
Once a month, I used to get a headache. I was using the fireplace every day, so I called Chimney Sweep Houston. They did an amazing job!..
Pam JacksonPam Jackson
01:27 23 Mar 22
The technician was prompt, polite and efficient. He did a great job and left my house very clean. I would recommend.
Tom WalkerTom Walker
16:31 02 Mar 22
We just bought the house and we wanted to make sure everything is good. So we cleaned the chimney, the air duct and the dryer vent. We used a the bundle they offer on the website for air duct cleaning and chimney cleaning for 250 and then paid some extra for the dryer vent.
Audie DeweyAudie Dewey
11:30 25 Feb 22
Good service, the job looks great, I got both chimney and air duct cleaning. I’ve seen before and after pictures and there is a big difference. Will gladly call them again next year
Joseph McBrideJoseph McBride
14:16 23 Feb 22
I’m very happy with the job they’ve done. I got quotes from another 2 companies, while they all had pretty much the same prices, Chimney sweep Houston definitely felt the most professional. I chose to go with them to repair my cap and replace the chimney chase, and I’m glad I did!
Coral PerezCoral Perez
17:21 14 Jan 22
Unfortunately, because of a whole lot of different reasons (ALL ME) I was not able to use this business but when I say that they were patient with me, I mean.... THEY WERE PATIENT AND KIND. I scheduled, canceled then scheduled and then canceled again. Then scheduled again, and the day of, I had to cancel again. Rebeca and her crew were already on the way to my house when I had to cancel on them and they were incredibly kind. I did not use their business, not because of them but because of ME. Chimney Sweep Houston has fantastic customer service and hopefully, in the future, when my situation is a little more under control, I will call them again, no doubt about it. And I will be right back here, ready to write what I'm sure is going to be a great work review. Thank you Chimney Sweep Houston for your kindness. GBY
Shalom AfraimianShalom Afraimian
19:29 05 Jan 22
I needed both chimney cleaning and chimney inspection for a property I'm selling, the buyer requested it.These guys came quick, cleaned the chimney and gave me an inspection report stating it's safe to use and all parts are functioning. The buyer's inspector says there was an issue with the fireplace damper, they made it work with no extra charge.Will gladly call them again in the next property
Danny ThomasDanny Thomas
23:24 31 Dec 21
Quick to schedule. A little pricey. Very pleasant, and seemed thorough. Will have them back for future service. They cleaned fireplace and swept flue and confirmed fire/gas function. Checked from roof to floor including attic, and showed me the video.
Dr. Sarah BrownDr. Sarah Brown
02:49 14 Dec 21
Amazing job! They came to clean my chimney. They spent time to make sure they got everything (had never been cleaned before…I was a new homeowner and the prior owners never cleaned the chimney in the 30 years they lived there)! Super professional and very professional. They made sure they cleaned up and left my house the way they found it. They taped off everything around the chimney so none of my stuff got soot anywhere. I will definitely hire again when I need another cleaning and would recommend to everyone!
Kaedence SmithKaedence Smith
20:18 05 Dec 21
Raphael and his assistant were very professional and explainatory of the entire process. They covered everything and did a great job! It took just close to an hour for the cleaning. I’m thankful for the completion and will definitely use “All Service Master” for future cleanings!Thank you Raphael and your assistant. ?
עמרי ינוןעמרי ינון
06:01 28 Nov 21
The service was great, the technician arrived on time with warm and patient attitude. Unlike others, I was shown pictures, the prices were accurate and also fair and every question I had on any subject was answered in detail. To sum things up, I am very satisfied with the service given to me. :)
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Our in-house training program insures all of our technicians are well prepared for any job, in addition to any formal training the technician already had. Same-day service is available!

Our pros are equipped with the best tools, experience, and support to ensure every air duct cleaning appointment goes smoothly. let’s clean dust & debris and get you the air quality your family deserve. 

100%-Satisfaction Guarantee

We are here to provide you with affordable, quality service that saves you money and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Once you schedule an appointment, our experienced professionals will meet with you to analyze your home or business property, and identify your specific needs.

In case you are not satisfied with the service – you’ll get your money back!

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Our dedicated staff will provide you with a solution to any problem in your Air duct system. If a problem arises for any reason
we will send you a technician right away! customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

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Basic Dryer Vent Cleaning 129$

New customer? Schedule an appointment today and receive a 129$ Basic Dryer Vent Cleaning coupon! Basic cleaning includes cleaning up to 4 feet up the dryer vent. this is where most lint and debris usually tend to build up. 

Dryer Vent Inspection 99$

Make sure you Dryer is safe to use.  Dryer ent inspection includes inspecting the dryer vent from both the inside and the exhaust from outside the house. 

Basic Cleaning + Inspection 149$

Why settle? Get the benefits of both cleaning and inspection to be extra sure your dryer vent is safe and ready to use.

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Our Services

Chimney Cleaning

Here is Houston water causes more damage to the chimneys on our homes then fire. The masonry work and other materials that your home is made of are protected by the roof and eave. Your chimney is not. Your chimney stands stoically above the roofline of your house, weathering constant exposure to the environment. You can count on us to maintaine you chimney safe and durable.

Air Duct Cleaning

Our trained air duct technicians use a high-powered vacuum system to pull all major debris away to an outdoor collector. To help eliminate mold and bacteria, we spray an EPA-approved sanitizing mist throughout the system. Our experts work as neatly, quickly, and courteously as possible, all while following NADCA ethics & guide lines. you simply won’t believe the difference once the job is done.

Dryer Vent

Cleaning dryer vents might sound like an easy procedure. but anyone who tried it will tell you that it's only easy if you have the right tools and machinery as well as the right training. Same as you need a car or a plane to get to NY, you need the appropriate machinery to clean you dryer vent. At All Service Master we use high pressure compressed air & special tubes and brushes to get the dust loose in the vent, then high pressure vacuum to take it all out. For the perfect dryer vent cleaning in Houston, you can rely on All Service Master Duct And Dryer Vent Cleaning.

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Benefits Of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Though it looks complex and difficult, dryer vent cleaning is actually pretty straightforward. No matter what technique is used, the main idea is to take out all the remaining stuff inside the vest by applying strong pressure. The goal here is to make vents clean for them to be function properly.

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